There is one we can lean upon 

In the times of our deepest despair

He knows our many heartaches

He knows our every care

He's the one who sees our tears fall

He feels our every pain

He longs to hold us close to Him

And receive our souls again

The one I speak of Sweet Jesus is His name

Matters not what besets your soul

Our Lord is always the same

Let us lean upon His strength

When our nights seem the darkest

Our days are never through

Let us know these things together

His strength will guide us safely through

If we trust and believe in Him

He will never lock the gate on you

Trust in Him give Him your Praise

And pray over and over again

Let us find Love and Peace with in

Let us pray when this life is over

We can rest in Peace with Him

Never NO more trouble or pain again

Let us Praise Him forever His name

Jesus let us know Peace again

BY: Geneva Barnhill 1984

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