On Common Ground

Lie's and more lies' pain and bloodshed
These are the memories for most of us
History that was written in stone long ago
Our ancestors handed it down so we know

If you speak the word Genocide I will say
Don't think it happened only in Germany
For I will tell you the True genocide on earth
Was the blonde hair, blue-eyed Indian tribe 

Wiped out- killed trusting the Calvary
The Calvary gave these peaceful Indians
Warm blankets infected with small pox
Lie's and the Calvary knew about it

The Indians were taken and sold as Slave's
Being first in the land they were first sold
Taken from the shores forced aboard ships
Sailed to the West Andes and sold as slave's

On Common Ground it has never been
There is No common ground No fair Treaty
There is a Trail Of Tears burned in our memories 
Yet we give Love and Help to all mankind

On Common Ground that has never been provided
The government promised we would be equal & united
All lie's that led to the Indians being killed & divided
Hideous acts the government tried hiding

We stand Proud and humbled in our spirits
Ancestor's spirits gather around counsel fires
We are shown the Path we are to travel on
A path of Love, Peace, Balance and Harmony

On Common Ground is the ground we stand upon
In our spirit God gives Peace we know who we are
Yonaguska-Drowning Bear is one of many Great Chief's 
We are the descendants of many and we have no grief

We walk a land that we love and know well
The Great Spirit -God gave us Mother Earth 
On Common Ground a Fair Treaty we don't have
With God we survived and we have come ahead

So much bloodshed through out this land
I can still see the blood upon the river rocks & hills
The Potomac River still runs Red with our blood
Yet on the dollar it's written In God We Trust

It is not so- it's the dollar that they trust 
We continue on to Love, Share and Help
This is God's way and By His Love we came
We will be Obedient so we can return to Him

BY: Running Deer


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