Happy Birthday Jesus


The First Gift

Long ago a gift was gave which is and will always be the GREATEST GIFT that could be given to mankind. A baby was born in a stable, no hospital and there was no room at a Motel, there was no room at the Inn. On this very SPECIAL night all the cows were lowering and they still do today. For you see this wasnít just any baby this was CHRIST our KING. Born unto us this very special night in a town far away was a baby our SAVIOR. With His birth came the GIFT of ETERNAL LIFE.

God our Heavenly Father gave to us this BLESSED GIFT and through HIM GOD gave the GREATEST GIFT for He gave Eternal life to you and me. This baby you see is GODíS Ė SON. We celebrate Christmas with Bright colors and gifts and this is so good to share. But we must not loose sight of this Special Night.

For ALL the bright colors will never compare to the Bright Star in the night that showed Mary and Joseph the way. You see GOD placed it there so they could see. So as Christmas is celebrated with gifts, laughter and good cheer I want you to remember this is the night of our DEAR SAVIORS BIRTH Ė SON of GOD.

Oh yes we give gifts and Santa comes too, but we also should celebrate CHRIST Birthday on this night too. The GREATEST GIFT that you could give HIM is your LOVE. Because you see this is what GOD has give to me & you. This is HIS FIRST and GREATEST GIFT to me & you and HE gave it willingly.

And maybe you donít believe in Santa Claus, and maybe you never did. But the Spirit of Christmas comes from the heart and that is very real. You see there is such as Saint Nick and oh by the way other Saints Too and it was from their Love and the Love they have for CHRIST,that they also begin to give to you. So is Santa real? Love from the heart comes from GOD so why not ask yourself and you will know.

So decorate the tree and trim it all in pretty lights and place the presents all around.† Jump in the bed cover up your head cause Santa Claus is coming to town.

Happy Birthday Jesus

Merry Christmas To All

Peace On Earth Good Will To Mankind


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