Happy Mothers Day   

In the serenity of a new morning light
I Praise God with love and silent prayer
My spirit is Humble with Love and Peace
As I give Praise Humble on bended knees

I bow before you King of Kings
As you have given the best to me
A Mother to love me unconditionally
To teach and give love eternally 

The Queen of my heart, she will always be
When I am lonely whispers of love I hear
Memories vibrant as the color of a rainbow
Smiles of sunshine that radiate warm love

Holding me close through out all time
Your God's daughter, Mother of mine
To give your all in each day as you gave me
When my days are no more with you I'll be

Shall then my eye's close in slumber sleep
Only to mankind will this appear to be
Life with our Father as you so well taught
Will go on in God's everlasting Glorious Love

Then will I come to the garden alone
Blessed Assurance this shall not be
How great thou art, King of Kings
Standing on the promises for this I've seen
Amazing grace my Mothers Love you gave me

Happy Mother's Day to All Mothers, Grandmothers
Those who love as a Mother unconditionally

BY: Running Deer


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