Happy Fathers Day

When A Father is A Daddy


A Daddy is someone you look up to no matter how tall you grow

A Daddy is a person who is loving and kind, and often he knows what you have on your mind. He's someone who listens, suggests, and defends. A Daddy can be one of your very best friends! He's proud of your triumphs, but when things go wrong, a Daddy can be patient and helpful and strong in all that you do, a Daddy’s love plays a part. There's always a place for him deep in your heart.

A Daddy does not just go to work each day and because he comes home with pay, thinks that is his only job. A Daddy comes home and continues on to show his love in many ways. A Daddy takes time to hear his child and maybe play a game. A Daddy puts away his T.V. time and computer games and any others he may have and he holds on to a Special Moment for his child.

A Daddy has a chance to take center stage and be the hero all parents want to be. A Daddy places himself last while he hugs his child and Thanks God he had another day. A Daddy thinks and says a prayer for the parents who may be looking for their missing child, and says a prayer for those who are mourning the death of their ‘s. A Daddy takes time to think and in doing so he can put his things on hold and listen to his child.

A Daddy doesn’t take for granted he will always have such a chance, so at the close of day he prays and hangs on for that extra minute to hug his child as he Thanks God for His Grace. A Daddy will walk that extra mile to protect and Love his child. A Daddy will support his child and family and not walk away like they never happened. A man can be a Father but it’s a Special piece of God’s work to be a Daddy.

So if you’re a Daddy then Happy Fathers – Daddy Day. I Thank God for my Daddy and all he gave for all though he’s with God now, his Love is still with me.

BY: Theresa Ann Barnhill – Running Deer


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