The story is told not long ago and still is present today
That Halloween is a bad thing not good for children
Stories are told of witches, ghost and goblins to
This is no treat if you're a child it scares the pants off of you

Candy is special and a treat to every child
Halloween is fun on ALL SAINTS EVE
Another good thing someone turned and made bad
It doesn't have to be that way and no child has to be sad

Think back in your mind when you were a child
Remember the popcorn balls, and homemade cookies
You made your own costumes Hobos and clowns
You plan to get the most candy all over town

If Halloween was so bad why did they put Happy in it?
We have Happy Thanksgiving, Happy Easter
Happy New Year, Happy Birthday, Happy everything
Don't teach the children Fear teach them Love and Peace
Teach them Faith and Trust you can BY HIS LOVE

Teach them that GOD loves them and protects them
GOD wants them to be healthy and happy and have fun
It will always be GODS love that shields and protects them
On all Saints Eve so let them have a HAPPY HOLLOWEEN

BY: Running Deer


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