"God Loves" 

I was the reject,
You know the one, who stands outside the circle instead of in,
Nobody cared anymore,
Nobody was my friend; all that was left was closed doors.

Nobody liked me, I was all-alone,
No longer who I wanted to be,
Nobody would speak to me,
Not even a word, nobody answered when I rang the phone.

So I started feeling worse by the day,
Then I thought, and saw the way,
In my mind I was done, the farm was bought,
Nothing left in life that was fun.

I had come to the end of my road,
I was ready to take the fall,
Then a voice said, "I'll lighten the load",
GOD opened the door to another hall. 

I looked up to the sky,
And realized someone was there,
As tears filled my eyes
Then I knew someone stilled cared.

HE opened HIS arms to me, and spoke out loud,
"You are fine - You will see,
Go on and stand proud,
For YOU are MINE, made just the way I wanted you to be."

As I sat there and cried, I said "THANK YOU",
And realized there was still HOPE for my life,
I went on and held my head high,
And prayed each night to our father in the sky.

I realized there are many, who care,
Especially the ONE UP ABOVE,
I just never knew they were there,
And I learned how to return LOVE.

So when you feel you've come to your ropes end,
And there's not a soul who is your friend,
Into the sky and REMEMBER EVERYBODY - 


Copy righted for - Geneva Robbie Gail White-Morning Star

Copyrighted by: Amerak Publications

Author of "God Loves" - Geneva Robbie Gail White - Robbie White. All rights and ownership of said poem belong to Robbie White. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED, 6/15/00.


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