When is a Doctor a Doctor?

A Doctor is a Doctor when he or she can see that you are more than just flesh and blood. If your Doctor realizes you are Spirit, Flesh and Blood or as some would say Heart, Mind and Soul, then you just may have a Great Doctor. For ALL the studies any Doctor will ever have it will serve No purpose if the Doctor canít relate to you one on one as a human.

          Every year thousands loose their life to Medical Negligence the numbers are staggering. Even though the American Medical Association knows this, the bottom line is still trust your Doctor! This is not satisfactory in a country with such high technology. We grow up being taught to Respect Doctors and to trust them. In some cases people looked upon Doctors as like being next to God. This has proven to be a mistake; some have paid the ultimate price.

         One reason, it has been forgotten at times that God is the Greatest Healer of All. The second reason is mankind through books learns a great deal, but if any patient is not heard the books and education becomes nothing, but a certificate to kill. Many certificates have been handed out and many have died. A piece of paper for a human life! Who controls this madness? Think of this example: If you have a daughter and she wants birth control you as a parent have to sign for permission. However if an abortion is wanted you donít have to sign. You may have a son and he goes in the Military at 17 years old. He is taught how to kill and a gun placed in his hand. Yet he canít go in to a bar with his buddies and have a beer, but he can kill. He can be thrown right on the front line and killed himself i.e.-Vietnam. The same Iron Horse that controlled this controls those medical certificates, that Iron Horse being Washington D.C.- your government.

           A Doctor is a Doctor when he or she does not think of himself or herself as above reproach. When their mind is on you as their patient and not on the dollar sign! When they make a mistake admitting it then and doing whatever it takes to make right the wrong. When they look at you for you and converse with you on the level that you can understand. When you are not just a number and rushed through like cattle at an auction. When they go that extra mile for you even if it means calling in another Doctor. Every Doctor takes an oath, but not all remember it.

             So you as a patient must learn to Speak up and Speak out. You must remember a Doctor is human as you are with a different job than you but nonetheless still human not God. You are the only person who will make the difference as to whether you have a good Doctor or not. The only way you will do that is by Speaking Out. I have seen too many cases where Medical Negligence has destroyed a personís life! Through my experience, I donít have a problem speaking out, or getting up and leaving any Doctor who doesnít have the skill to be a Doctor and a Human. My knowledge in the world of medicine is above average. Yours can be to, you have to ask questions and learn from truth. This is part of our life process is to learn.

             In the last few years I have been Blessed to have Good Doctors. My Doctors I can speak to one on one. I can ask a question and get an answer. My Doctors are Devoted to their profession and their patients. This makes a difference, Iím not cattle, and Iím not a dollar sign! I have also had the pleasure of working with some Doctors. In working and giving and going that extra mile to help someone I am very aware of what it takes to do the job. I have been Blessed to know another person who is like this and he is a Doctor. There are many who could take lessons from him. He could have retired at anytime, but he chose to keep working because he is Devoted to his patients, he cares. I have always believed in giving credit where credit was due and this Doctor sure deserves it. The tag on his Jeep Cherokee reads this way Dr. E Z, but Iím sure at times itís anything but that. His name is Dr. Branham.

              There are some more I would like to honor Dr. Gray, Dr. Helen, Dr. Nunn and Dr. Mary K. Lawrence. When you see a Doctor giving of themselves to better the health of a patient, or a community itself know that you are Blessed. The Doctors at the Top of my list are Dr. Helen, and Dr. Branham, as Iím sure you have a doctor at the top of your list. Do remember to Speak out and ask questions. Get answers you can understand and donít stop until you do understand. Itís your life, itís your body and itís your mind.  Make sure your Doctor knows all three, Spirit Ė mind, Flesh Ė body, and Blood after all your human and you have feelings and you have the RIGHT.

               This site is dedicated to all GOOD Doctors, who themselves beyond a shadow of doubt know that they would be listed here also.

               If you donít think you would be listed if you were known then get busy because something is wrong and you need to fix it immediately so a patient doesnít pay the price. You can start with God and By His Love, get it right and go forward.

                                                           BY: Running Deer



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