In God the Devine we must pray and meditate about Godly things
This is the Special wavelength of an Angelic Heart
The word Angel is like a generic word we use for Celestial Beings
Also called Messengers they come to earth to interact with humans

Another race, the society of angels is virtually perfect
There is no dissension, jealousy, burning ambition that mars them
Violence doesn't mar them, no one preferred; no one left out
All know their Gifts and Abilities and Responsibilities

.All angels' work to be Faithful to their duties, what do angels do?
They are servants to God and they do whatever God ask them
Worshipping God, bringing messages to earth & ministering
Guarding the Heavenly Realms from fallen angels 

Revelation is full of stories of a period of time war broke out
This war broke out in Heaven it was like a civil war
Until Michael and others combined drove out all that was bad
Not wanting to listen to Gods Word, satan wanted control


In biblical times this army was seen as fighting invisibly for right
Serving spiritual, physical guardians to humanity and to groups
What does a Guardian Angel do? They are assigned to us
They speak to our hearts constantly a channel by which God uses

They Whisper to us of Love and Peace and can Protect us
The term Guardian Angel is not directly from scripture, we have
Developed it to describe angels who work with us here on earth
You can cooperate with their advice if your wise you will


A question most ask is why are angels appearing so often on earth?
Angels want you to know Heaven is not as far as you may think
You can grow if you want to for God is as near as your heartbeat
You must know that this world is not all that there is in one life

God knowing our needs sends angels to whisper to our hearts 
Through and By His Love, He lets us know we are not alone
Angels are not happy when a messenger pigeon is destroyed
And because of greed forest are destroyed by acid rain 

.The angels helped spin the world from the motes of dust
This dust once circled a nascent sun until God spoke
No one has the right to deface or destroy Mother Earth
Angels cry out let us help you transform it instead

Angels want to help you they are among us as guides
I hope we have the wisdom to learn that's why they have come
God only knows how long this will take with our mistakes
A new level of consciousness By His Love, God angels wait

God's angels are spoken of in 300 places in the Bible
With only sixty six books that compose the Bible not all the
Books are there but God's LOVE is and HIS WORD & LIFE
Below are scriptures about God's angels that will help you

Psalms 138:1
I will give thanks to you O Lord with all my heart, in the presence 
Of angels I will sing your praise

Daniel 10:6
His body was like chrysolite, his face shown like lightening his
Eyes were like fiery torches

Matthew 28:3
In appearance ( the angel ) resembled a flash of lightening while
His garments were as dazzling as snow

Acts 10:30
At three o'clock I was home praying when a man in dazzling
Robe stood before me

Hebrew 13:2
Some have entertained angels unaware

Have you entertained angels unaware, perhaps so. More than you
Know have also and most will at some point in their life.
God sure knows His angels and it needs to be made clear to you
Because the angels know. Angels are not to be PRAISED only God

You may say Thank You, to an angel or to the angels this is good
But remember All Praise and Glory goes to our Heavenly Father
Watch for up coming sites that will interest you about angels
In Winter Amerak will publish a Book on our angel Friends so be
Sure to keep your eyes open, Keep watch May GOD BLESS YOU
Dedicated to all angels many I have been Blessed to know one on one

BY: Running Deer
Copyright (c) Amerak