My Snowbird

      I have a Special Snowbird that brings Great joy to my heart
I named her Snowbird three decades ago while she was in the hospital waiting to under go surgery again. My Snowbird has had so many surgeries who counts anymore? All that has ever been important to Snowbird is how much God Loves. The dream of Snowbird to ride that Big Yellow Bus, which was a school bus, seems long ago. With tubes out each side and draining into bags from her kidneys, born with a kidney disease, it was her dream to ride that school bus and go to school. It was just her dream. Surgery after surgery, her future looked dim. Snowbird, always talked with Jesus, and Snowbird knew He held her hands. Snowbird learned to cathorize herself at five years old, every three hours so she could keep going. After all Snowbird had a dream, and with Jesus it was going to happen.
      That day came and she got on that Big Yellow Bus and off to school she went, ready for the world. She didn't just stop here certainly not. Snowbird continued on and even went to collage. Fielding herself in Special Medical field to help other children who had a problem and suffered too. During these years there was more surgeries but Snowbird would get back up and spread her wings taking flight to do her thing. Of course there came the time, a fine young man she would meet. With all that God had done for Snowbird of course He would finish her life. He did just that, He sent a Christian man into Snowbirds life, who Loves her for her. You see this is the way love is supposed to be. Love sees only beauty.
      Now life full filled against all odds, Snowbird with just a little dream of riding that school bus. Snowbird has dialysis three times a week, walks a walk of such bravery. All though it's been three decades ago, my Snowbird NEVER forgot what she was called. She sends me a card and signs with Love Your Snowbird. I stared out the window of many a hospital room while my Snowbird was in surgery. I often thought as the sky would be gray and winters chill biting at my skin. The clouds would be moving in. As I would look out the window and talk to God, I knew if I had of saw one snow flake, it would have broke my heart. I stayed silent in prayer for Snowbird had told me Jesus had been there. Snowbird said everything would be O.K. for Jesus had said so.  My Snowbird lives with her husband and their baby a beautiful dog along the coast in peace and quite. Yes I have a Snowbird, but to me she's really an angel. You see this Snowbird I know very well for I taught her to walk, and it was I who first knew something was wrong, and got her to ER. This is my Snowbird the name I gave her. This angel is my niece, and still my baby too although she is all grown up and a woman of her own. She will always be my baby and my Snowbird, By His Love.

                                                              BY: Running Deer

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